The VideoEq Software Development Kit provides the API library to build your own applications for VideoEq.


The SDK enables the use of the powerful routines within VideoEq to create customized algorithms controlled from a dedicated software such as auto calibration and others. The SDK use is simple – the package contains a single header file VideoEq.h which declares the functions available. Two libraries, libVideoEq.a and the USB driver SiUSBXp.lib are added to the project compilation. No other files are necessary.

The VideoEq.h header file defines the current commands available such as

connect(), getRgbLut(), setRgbLut(), getCms(), setCms() ..and many others.

An example program is included to demonstrate the creation of a project and the calls to get you up to speed in no time.

This example project is compiled using GCC G++ using QT toolchain QT Creator. Of course, any tool chain supporting C++ is applicable.