VideoEQ Mx

VideoEq is an innovative external video color processor that allows you to easily calibrate a video display’s gamma, white balance and color gamut for up to four different source and viewing conditions to give you screening room color fidelity at an affordable price.


Getting color correction right is a challenging balance between electronics, color science, and the calibration interface. Most manufacturers get the electronics right, a few manufacturers get the color science right, but almost none get the calibration interface right. This means that even if you install video displays and projectors that are engineered correctly and are technically capable of delivering accurate color, the available controls make the task of precise color calibration all but impossible.

VideoEq adds all these missing controls to your video path and enables you to calibrate your display precisely towards any standard – just the way the movie director intended the movie to be viewed.

VideoEq Mx builds on top of the familiar VideoEq PRO line adding enhanced processing accuracy and fine tuning capabilities. VideoEq Mx has preset settings for four different scenarios and further adds six (6) completely customizable profiles for calibration in any environment or for any time of day. The selection of any of these ten profiles can be automated using the control IR interface or the USB interface.

VideoEq Mx is very easy to setup. You will connect the input and the output HDMI/DVI cables, the power supply (included) and you are ready to go. For further control, USB port is included that is used for firmware upgrades as well as calibration software from X-Vue, LLC (see the download page) as well as 3rd party industry standard software such as Calman(tm) 4/5 from Spectracal Inc. With a 3rd party software VideoEq Mx can be used for smooth fully automated calibration flow.



  • Powerful enhanced industry proven CMS multi-axis color control
  • Comprehensive adjustments for up to four sources and conditions
  • 4 integrated presets for off-the-shelf-use
  • Complete 12-bit fully linear CMS processing
  • 1024 point RGB gamma/grayscale correction
  • Simple to use digital video in, digital video out
  • Universal remote control with supplied Pronto codes
  • Easy USB calibration interface for various calibration software