The VideoEq Control Panel application is used to interface with the VideoEq Mx. The control panel gives a complete control over all of the advanced color processing available with the VideoEq Mx in a simple to use, visual application. Features:

  • Visual calibration of the Lookup Table and CMS Table
  • Test Pattern control using the VideoEq (coming soon)
  • Virtually unlimited control points to easily isolate greyscale trouble points
  • Video Output panel shows input and output video formats, including color space and encryption status
  • Supports several LUT file formats including
    • Autodesk .3dl
    • TrueLight .cub
    • Adobe PhotoShop .acv (curves) .cha (channel mixer)
    • VideoEq (.veq) formats.
  • Tabular data display for absolute accuracy in creating calibration tables.
  • Multiple point selection for quickly making large scale adjustments
  • Black Point / White Point forced clipping – no need to mess around with interpolation points, simply set the clipping and forget it.
  • CMS adjustments in HSB space or RGB space – use the system you are most comfortable with.
  • Built-in help system.



X-Vue VideoEq Control Panel

V1.0 : December 30 2013

Download DRIVER here


Download VideoEq Mx IR Pronto Codes here.

Download VideoEq Control Panel Overview here

Download a VideoEq Technical Overview here.


Download X-Vue VideoEq Software Development Kit V1.0 SDK here [November 2014]

Download SDK Example project [using Qt Creator / mingw toolchain] here [November 2014]

cie_main CMS Adjustment Panel


cie_pri All secondary CYM colors removed


cie_sec All primary RGB colors removed


VideoEq Control Panel Preferences

VideoEq Control Panel Preferences